Integrating power and automation – getting back to basics

2014-04-17 - Walk the halls of Hannover Fair and even if you’ve spent the last decade in a news vacuum, one thing becomes obvious: the boundaries that traditionally separated different aspects of industrial operations are on a path to extinction.

Uno Lamm and the dawn of HVDC

2014-04-14 - August Uno Lamm (May 22, 1904 – June 1, 1989) was a Swedish electrical engineer and inventor who is sometimes called the father of high-voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission.

The birth of commercial HVDC

2014-04-14 - Sweden in the 1950s was ripe for the development of new electrical transmission technology. Electricity consumption was doubling with each passing decade, but the major hydro reserves in the north lay more than 1,000 kilometers from the major load centers in the south.

ABB launches 2013 Group Sustainability Report

2014-04-14 - ABB has launched its annual Group Sustainability Performance Report highlighting the business relevance of sustainability values and considerations in different parts of the value chain, and demonstrating how they contribute to business success.

ABB introduces innovative solution for electrification of isolated communities

2014-04-10 - Some remote or sparsely populated communities around the world don’t have access to electricity even though there are high-voltage overhead transmission lines carrying large amounts of power close by.

Putting the pieces together for a distributed energy future

2014-04-10 - Comparisons between the smart grid and the internet are common, but the analogy is particularly useful when it comes to a critical distinction that both share, namely that there is a difference between products and services and the underlying infrastructure that enables them.

ABB extends Turbocharging Service Network in Middle East

2014-04-10 - ABB has opened two new Service Points for marine turbochargers in Dubai and Bahrain to support its customers in one of the world’s busiest maritime regions.

ABB wins order of energy management systems for Baleària ferry

2014-04-09 - Energy management system will improve vessel’s fuel efficiency over 2 per cent

Amarcon to supply OCTOPUS-Onboard for Wagenborgs ‘Walk to work vessel’

2014-04-09 - OCTOPUS-Onboard will help to increase workability and safety for offshore operations.

ABB to supply Shore to Ship Power (S2S) system to Color Line ro-pax

2014-04-09 - ABB system will reduce fuel costs and enable leading Norwegian company to operate ferry in the most energy efficient and environmentally-responsible manner

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