ABB, Renewable Algal Energy collaborate to commercialize algae production for renewable fuels, nutraceuticals

2014-07-30 - ABB technology for control and efficiency of algae harvesting and conversion process; algae used for nutritional supplements, animal feed and fuel

ABB replaces HVDC link in the US

2014-07-28 - New link replaces Oklaunion high-voltage direct current (HVDC) line in Texas to enhance grid reliability and facilitate efficient power exchange

ABB acquires Spirit IT to strengthen its measurement product portfolio

2014-07-25 - By adding innovative liquid flow computers and software for oil and gas applications, ABB boosts its offering in smart metering and control for custody transfer of oil and gas between operators.

ABB delivers strong order growth and cash in Q2

2014-07-23 - [No lead text]

ABB and Volvo form global partnership for electric and hybrid bus fast-charging

2014-07-21 - Global agreement combines Volvo electric and electric hybrid buses with ABB fast-charging solutions, paving the way for rapid deployment of urban e-mobility

ABB wins $35 million HVDC upgrade order in Canada

2014-07-18 - Upgrade to enhance grid reliability, improve efficiency and enhance power availability

Swiss scientists take ABB analyzers aloft to measure gas emissions

2014-07-15 - Synonymous with Switzerland, cows produce the country’s cheeses, chocolate and the milk Johanna Spyri’s “Heidi” drank high in the Alps. Now, airborne ABB analyzers give scientists reliable tools to measure another dairy by-product: methane, a greenhouse gas.

The birth of commercial HVDC

2014-07-09 - Sweden in the 1950s was ripe for the development of new electrical transmission technology. Electricity consumption was doubling with each passing decade, but the major hydro reserves in the north lay more than 1,000 kilometers from the major load centers in the south.

ABB awarded $400 million order for Maritime Link power project in Canada

2014-07-09 - HVDC Light system for major power transmission link in eastern Canada to facilitate integration of renewable energy and stabilization of electrical grid

Uno Lamm and the dawn of HVDC

2014-07-09 - August Uno Lamm (May 22, 1904 – June 1, 1989) was a Swedish electrical engineer and inventor who is often referred to as the father of high-voltage direct current (HVDC) power transmission.

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