Complete overhaul of railway power transformers by ABB

2012-04-13 - ABB offers a maintenance program for the Swiss National Rail Operator (SBB) fleet of mobile transformers for railway applications. When reliability, availability and efficiency meet customer expectations.

ABB and SBB have built a partnership for a power transformers maintenance program. The aim is to secure the 15 kV-supply of a network of over 3,000 km, and prevent it from equipment failure. Due to peaks in energy demand at some specific timetables (e.g. rush hours), SBB uses 15 power transformers to secure power supply. These backup transformers are mobile and can be moved around, depending on network requirements.

As key components, these transformers need a specific preventive maintenance program to avoid breakdowns. That means a complete overhaul after around 15 years of operation, and a refurbishment after 25 years. Due to its wealth of experience in designing, manufacturing, commissioning and maintaining transformers, ABB brought a full range of solutions including:

  • Technical expertise, Condition Assessment, Engineering Studies, Design Review, Advanced Diagnosis and Optimization of Network Assets (TrafoAsset Management TM)
  • Inspection, cleaning and check of the active part
  • Winding clamping, retightening
  • Replacement of all the gaskets
  • Rewiring and replacement of accessories
  • LFH (low frequency heating) drying
  • Diagnostic measurements
On-site services are the guarantee of reduced downtimes and of a prompt return to service. This example demonstrates that ABB’s expertise, proven track record and global footprint are strong assets when quick and efficient solutions are to be performed.

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