Migration & Upgrades

Many ABB products provide useful service for 20 years or more, however when a product reaches the end of its lifecycle, ABB help mills have a smooth transition to new software and equipment.

Throughout the product lifecycle, we work to provide solutions that expand the functionality and extend the life of your equipment, while maintaining your core investment.

As we advise papermakers on their technology needs, alternative solutions and emerging technologies, we also consider their future engineering needs. Based on existing requirements and lifecycle status, ABB migration teams recommend and develop timely, cost-effective solutions that effectively address evolving market opportunities and demands.

System Evolution Products & Services – Under Assured Performance Agreement ABB offers the opportunity to include the purchase of evolution materials and associated installation services within the maintenance contract agreement. This program provides pre-established discounts and equal monthly payments for the value of evolution services.

  • Automation Sentinel Software Subscription – Proactive software revision management. Provides all software releases, revisions and updates released during the subscription period.
  • Evolution Plan with yearly updates – Complimentary system evolution planning services over the life of the control system assets.

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